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Cold Weather considersations

Companion animals aren't the only ones who have some cold weather considerations. Livestock, including horses, have their own unique needs:

-Shelter: Livestock can generally tolerate cold temperatures, but they do require a way to get out of the wind, rain, or snow. The best way to provide protection is a structural shelter with proper ventilation and dry bedding.

-Quality and quantity of feed: Livestock keep warm by expending energy meaning they consume enough calories to heat themselves. Remember to consider the amount and quality of your animals' feed, and consider talking with your veterinarian to develop a feed plan to meet your animals' nutritional needs.

-Water: It is crucial to ensure your herd has access to fresh, unfrozen water. Livestock will not consume adequate amounts of water when it is near freezing. Tank heaters and heated buckets can help keep the water at a more comfortable temperature.


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