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Beef, Swine and Small Ruminants

We provide services for beef cattle, goats, sheep, alpacas, pigs and poultry. Routine vaccines, deworming protocols, castrations and all your emergency needs are provided through our services.

Beef Cattle

  • Veterinary Feed Directives

    • Electronic

  • Herd Health

    • Portable Ultrasound​

      • Fast, Accurate, Instant​

    • Vaccinations

    • Deworming

    • Protocols

  • Castrations

  • Sick Animal Exams

  • Breeding

    • Artificial Insemination​

    • Breeding Soundness Exams

  • Certificates of Veterinary Inspection for Travel, Transport or Sale


"Core" Vaccines

Small Ruminants

Goats Sheep Llamas and Alpacas

We provide herd and individual animal care to all small ruminant species. 

  • Vaccinations

  • Deworming Protocols

    • Fecal Egg Counts to reduce drug resistance​

  • Castrations

  • Sick Animal Exams

  • Herd Consulting

  • Emergency Care


  • Individual Animal Exams

  • Herd Consulting

  • Vaccinations

  • Health Inspections

  • Oral Fluid Rope Test

    • We have rope test kits at our clinic​

    • Porcine oral fluid panel =  includes all SECD (Swine Enteric Corona Disease PCR’s consisting of PEDV PCR, TGEV PCR, SDCOV) and PRRS PCR tests

    • All saliva samples must arrive to the clinic by Wednesday to be run the following week

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