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Dog on Blue

Grooming Services

We are pleased to provide dog
GROOMING SERVICES at Leading Edge Veterinary Services!  

We are excited to welcome Emma Brauer to the team as our new groomer!

Emma is certified through Michigan School of Canine Cosmetology and has four years of grooming experience. Emma also received MSCC’s Compassionate Handling Award while attending Canine Cosmetology. 

Emma is soft spoken, quiet, and gentle; she likes to get to know dogs before grooming begins so they feel more comfortable. She takes her time grooming to ensure each dog has a quiet, safe
experience and prides herself on cleaning well between dogs so everything is nice and clean for
each and every dog. She is eager to meet you and your fur friends!

Grooming services will be offered Monday through Thursday.

In addition, if your pet is in need of routine vet care (wellness exams, vaccinations, heartworm tests, etc.), let us know when you call to schedule a grooming session.

We are happy to accommodate routine vet care while your fur friend is here for a spa day!


For more information about our grooming services or to schedule a spa appointment for your pet, call the clinic at 715-934-9055.


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