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2023 Equine Spring Special

We are hosting our annual equine client appreciation dinner at the Steak House and Lodge in Hayward, WI on Monday, March 6th 2023

All orders must be received and paid for by March 6th, 2023. Please make sure you select an option to pick up your vaccine or have it delivered and administered by one of the veterinarians.

Pick up: please add a note before checking out or email/call to let the staff know if you'll be picking up at the equine dinner March 6th or at a different time at the clinic. 

Delivery; please add a note before checking out or email/call the clinic to get on a list for an appointment. Appointments can be scheduled as a farm call (M-F 9am to 3PM) or haul into the clinic (M-F 8AM-5PM). Providing a brief list of your availability (general day/times) will aid with scheduling. 

Backyard Horses with minimal exposure to new horses: Vetera ewt west nile and strongly encourage Rabies Vaccine

Show Horses/Horses with prolonged exposure to new/strange horses: Vetera Gold, strongly encourage Rabies Vaccine. Strangles vaccine recommended if they have been vaccinated in the past and/or have not had a strangles infection in the past 5 years. A blood test (Strep M. Protein Titer) is available to determine if your horse can be safely vaccinated. If you're unsure, contact the clinic. 

Horses at boarding facilities: Vetera Gold and strongly encourage Rabies vaccine. Strongly recommend Strep M. Protein Titer test to determine ability to safely vaccinate for strangles.

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