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Wolves and Livestock

What should you do if you think your livestock is being threatened by wolves?

Any suspected wolf attack must be reported to the United States Department of Agriculture Wildlife Service. The number for Northern Wisconsin is 1-800-228-1368.

An investigation will then be conducted if warranted. The animal and surrounding site will be thoroughly examined for evidence of a wolf attack.

Under no circumstances can a wolf be legally shot; even if they are attacking livestock. Shooting a wolf is a federal offense.

So what can you do?

- Protect your livestock by knowing the facts and practicing good management strategies.

- Keep young stock and any sick/ailing animals in a protected area.

- If cows are calving out on pasture, make sure no afterbirth is left to attract predators.

- Do not discard carcasses on or near your property where you house livestock.

- Utilize fencing that deters predators.

Wolf attacks have been confirmed in Northern Wisconsin. Most wolf attacks are on young calves and hunting dogs. Adult cattle and horses are not at great risk, but be aware of ailments that may put any animal at a greater risk of attack by a predator.


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